Sibu `Day & Night'

And God said, "Let there be light." and there was light.
Gos saw that the light was good and he separated the light from the darkness.
God called the light "day",and the darkness he called "night".
(NIV Genesis Chapter1:vv3-5)
This is the day of Sibu!A bright and fine day!

This is the night of Sibu!
Almost the same position taken from the 7th floor of "Tong Lian Hui"-The United Assosciation of Private Chinese Sechool School Boards of Management, Sibu Division-Below is the Sibu Medical Center).

The Day - Close UP!
Zoom in the Wisma Wisma and Public Bank Building

Night view again, you can see the cross of Xin Fun Yuan Methodist Church at the left and the cross of Masland Methodist Church at the middle.

This is the difference of the Day and Night of Sibu, isn't?
The date of photos taken at 18 June 2006, around 3pm and 9pm. Posted by Picasa

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匿名 说...

light day, dark night

light & darkness,
God's good creation,

Light day, do as light do.
Dark night, do as darkness do.

What u do in light days?
what u do in dark nights?

God's good creation,
Human beings,
Light & darkness all in one.

U need light in days.
U need darkness in nights.

God's good creation,
Light days, dark nights.

匿名 说...

Day is white
Night is black
In this world
You have to be grey

May God help you