Red River

  退潮時,新珠山河的流水仍是深紅色,這是掛尾車Speed boat經過乃裳公園的行人道,從後面所拍攝的浪花!
  紅水溝的紅浪花,只有在Sg Merah才能看的到!

  由於整條紅水河只有一艘小艇,船向前開行,平靜的水就裂開來,很有趣的經驗。當然若能把新珠山河開闢為旅遊河則小艇應該加以弱小化並減速而行,當然沿途可以建一些亭子,配以一些本地水菓或淡水魚,還可以放一些橡膠較(Rubber Mill)示範。

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If the weather was fine, I think your photos would be much nicer and clearer. Can turn Sg Merah into a safe spot for Sibu people to relax at weekends. Can have paddle boats, fishing (?),picnic at pondok2 along the river, sampling red water for health benefit, etc. and your brother will have to cease 'terrorizing' the Sg. Merah inhabitants - except when it is a regatta. Happy blogging!

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Forget about one thing. I think the song,Red River Valley, can be used as the theme music for any film about the immigrant landing at Sg. merah. Or, adopt the music and play it with Chinese musical instrument,etc., so as to make it oriental, classical, modern, etc.

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Maybe I am getting too far. How about a story of a young Chinese wife whose husband had to leave China for Sibu..... Get some inspiration from the article at: