Day and Night!

Logos Methodist Church(Xen Daw Tang) at Jln Tung Sang, the comparison of Day and Night.

Day of Methodist Theological School(MTS), Wesley Church and Wei Kuok Hall Wisma SCAC.

While darkness we can see MTS night view only.
Jesus said:" I am the LIGHT of the world".
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oya 说...

The old church was always used by Dung Sang School for various activities, but I heard in recent years the management between the church and school was in bad relationship. There was an old lady living in the house nearby, who was the mother of a very fierce teacher (of course, woman teacher). I don't know if any one has the old picture of the church. The church and half of the school buildings were up in the hill, but the hill has been levelled off since then and the landscape has changed compared to before. During the second World War, the old school building, previously housing Primary 4 classrooms, was a 'mental' hospital and the kids were all frightened by possible ghosts. There were rumours that remains of the army were found nearby.

天鵝江畔 说...

Dear Oya,
The Church you mentioned is Shiuan Daw Methodist Church beside the Tong Sang Primary School, you can look the night view I post at 21 March 2006 or log in direct:

Now we talk about the location of Shiuan Daw Tang means Mile 3 Oya Road, no more Tong Sang Road.The church at Tong Sang Road means Logos Church.

The photo i post yesterday is the Logos Methodist Church beside the Pedada Shophouses.

Ya, there was some misunderstanding among the school board and the church but now the problem solved.

Thanks your informations.