Latest image and Latest Hotel of Sibu

RH Everly Hotel will declare open by CM Sarawak at 2 Sept 2006,
in conjunction with the 30th anniverseries of Rimbunan Hijau.
The renovation still rushing at the last minute.

From right:RH Everly Hotel,Swan status,Wisma Sanyan

Photo taken:8.00pm 25 Aug 2006

3 条评论:

匿名 说...

The hotel is nice to look at.... but what about the traffic around it???? A mess

Mee Ling 说...

請問這新酒店有多少個房間?可容納多少人?Berapa bintang?

天鵝江畔 说...

After completed the total is 226 rooms, but in conjunction 30th anniversary now, only ready up 6th floor.The hotel consists of 15 floors altogether.
Room rate as follows:
Superior room RM135++
Deluxe RM155++
Junior suite RM285++
Excutive RM385++
Presindential suite RM4,000++
Regard as 4 star hotel.
Any enquiry pls call 084-365888