World Methodist Conference

Methodists from around world gather in Korea

The 19th World Methodist Conference was held at Kuman Methodist Church-the largest methodist church in the world- July 20-24.
“God in Christ Reconciling” is the theme for the Conference, which has brought more than 2,500 Methodists from throughout the world to worship, dialogue, and study together. The delegates come from 132 countries and are in Seoul during a time of high tension on the Korean Peninsula following North Korea’s recent missile tests.
There are more than 70 million Methodists of 132 countries.About 35 Delegates from Malaysia Methodist Church.
A special Sunday service will be held at DMZ-Panmunjon this morning, 300 delegate attend this special occasion. But most of the delegates attend the various Methodist Churches in Seoul.
The Methodist regards as the 2nd largest denomination in Korea with the total church member more than 1.5 million.
The blogger will attend the E Taewon Methodist church service.