View from Seoul Tower

Catch the whole view(360 degree) of Seoul
This is the 3rd time I visit Seoul,
I had been to the foot of Seoul tower twice, but this time I had been to the top of the Observatory tower.
Fetch by police car
It is interesting when Kong Siin and I arrive the National Theatre, we are told there got the shuttle bus to Namsan where the tower located. When we try to ask a patrol police, he invited us to get in the police car and escort us to the tower- of course it is free.
But we need to pay the lift to observartoy tower with 7,000 wons per head.
N Seoul Tower is a communication tower in Seoul, Korea. Built in 1975, and completed in 1980, it has an observation deck and a pinnacle that reaches up to 239.7 m (786 ft). In the past it had been called the Namsan Tower, because it sits atop Namsan.

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