Miri Bintulu Coastal Highway

Actually there is only a short distance, may be 10-15km you can see the coastal scenary, the majority Coastal Highway(海岸的;沿海大道)from Miri to Bintulu, around 180 km you can see the oil palm and palm oil plantation ONLY!
The coastal highway shortened the distance around 30 km compare to the old trunk road from Miri to Bintulu. The highway condition is nice and flat enough but seems not gazetted yet, some parts of the road the sign shows 60 or 80km/per hour only.
The road near the Bintulu side will have some pumpy due to the sinking parts in front and behind the culvert( 涵洞橋) .
Below:the rainbow seen along the road

Oil palm plantation here and there

Oil Palm Highway instead of coastal Highway?