30 hrs fly from Sibu to Tawau

The journey started from Tuesday morning 7.30am,We went to Sibu ariport. Air Asia flew to Kota Kinabalu at 9am. Air Asia arrived KK Terminal 2-special for the low cost air craft-at 11am. The connection flight was at 3.50pm, so I called Kion Kii to come to pick us to have a short and fast KK sight seeing tour.
Below:The terminal 2 KK, still in progress......

Now every one can fly......low cost means low quality of service!

After we had lunch at KK town, Kion Kii droped us at the Terminal 2 again.
We checked in the Air Asia and ready to board at 3.50pm.
But we was told to wait for half an hour because of some technical problem.
After half an hour, we was told to wait for the engineer to confirm the time, so asked us to wait another half hour.
Times flew, we was told again to wait another half hour..... Finally at 6pm, we was told the flight cancelled!
Every one rushed to the counter and Q for the changing flight of the ticket and I requested that there were 2 foreigners from China, so did Air Asia provided food or accomodation? The answer was NO but the person in charge promised to ask the higher position.
Belwo:The congested crowd at Terminal 2 KK, last evening

So I called Kion Kii again to fetch us and stayed at his home for one night.
This morning the flight took off in time at 9.30am, but due to the heavy haze can't land so flew back to KK airport again.
The flight flew again at 12.40 noon and finally arrived Tawau airport at 1.30pm- almost 30 hours fly all the way from Sibu!