The Island of Methodist - Pintan Dao

One of the scenery view in Pintang Island -I had been there at July of 2004, not this trip .

After another 2 days of visiting we arrived Minqing - majority of foochow in Sibu are orignated from here .
Last 2 days we tour around Fuqing and Pintang Island , Yontai and Minqing .
I want to highlight Pintang Island because it is almost the island of methodist . The population with around 400,000, less than Kuching , but with 100 churhes and among them 76 are Mehtodist background.
Tomorrow morning we will continue to Gutian - my parents home village. .....

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what a manificent erection!

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老兄, 起那么远干嘛, 我们没卫理报看咯.

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Don't worry!
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