Foochow Vs Fuzhou

I am a Malaysian foochow, last century my father came from Fuzhou, china.
I am now following the Trip organised by World Federation of Foochow Association to tour the 10 districts of Fuzhou, start from 9-18 Oct 2006.

The 1st stop: Loyuan(north east of Fuzhou downtown-1.5hr drive)

The 2nd stop:LianKian(beside Loyuan)These two districts are near by coastal cities, plan to have a deep sea port soon.Of course a lot of sea food to enjoy!

I think Sibu foochows do not have these 2 disticts migrants.

Although the hotel's room TV can connect to the net, but hard to input the photos so I can write some brief itinery first and post some photos from the net only.
At 7 & 8(Tue and Wed) Oct, we had paid a visit to 4 disatricts-Loyuan, Liankian, Minhou and Zhanlok. There are another 6 districts to go.
Although now is spring, but the whether more warmer than Sibu, so it is a tough and tire journey.
The 3rd stop:Minhou(40 min drive west of Fuzhou downtown)

The 4th stop:ChanLok(where the Fuzhou international airport located-1 hr drive from downtown)

There are more than 200 overseas foochows-Malaysia,Singapore,HK,Taiwan,Indonesia etc., join the trip.

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enjoy globalising.whether foocow or fuzhou - you are still foochew wong. w(wheel) or w (west), you are on the www. good work. keep on w (writing)!

Thim Choy 说...

Hi There,

I'm interested in joining the trip to Fuzhou. I was wondering if you could provide me with the details of the next available trip.