Gutian and Pingnan

(翠屏湖)Green Screen Lake-Gutian

The last two stops:Gutian and Pingnan are located at most furthermost and hilly area.
But the scenery just as beautiful as Europe.
I asked one of the officer isn't easy to get the green card of China and want to stay at Pingnan, he told me need to have some procedure.
We feel so cool when we arrived Pingnan at late evening.
we sailed at Green Screen Lake (翠屏湖) in Gutian, it is a man-made dam(lake), original Gutian city was under the water.The only left is one of the building built by missionary at the highest point at that time.Methodist built a lot of schools, hospitals at Gutian.
We visited Bai-SwuipYann(White water platform) in Pingnan-a very fantastic place.
After that we sat for more than 5 hours back to Fuzhou.
The most impressive in this trip was all the way eat/bus/sleep-a boring and tiresome journey.
But anyway, I took more than 500 of photos, will be select some and post to my blog after I go back.

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please provide a road map

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please provide a road map!

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You can refer my book<福州人拓荒路>published at July 2005,in conjunction with the New Building of Sibu Foochow Association;其中有福州十邑的及詩巫與福州人相關的相片等資料。