Frozen Water at Beijing

The temperature at Beijing around -4 to 5 C, but you can still see somebody swiming under the cold water.The surrounding is ICE!

Ah Tai Ko wear under the thick cloth, most of the lake (后海)becomes frozen ICE!

When we paid a visit to Peking University at 16 Dec, the famous Unkown lake(未名湖)is totally frozen, so I can stand and walk on the ICE ground!

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Sarawak Interventional Cardiologist 说...

Meng Lei,

Now I know where you are coz quite silent on your blog last few days.
I was in Beijing/Tianji/Chengde in Christmas 2001. I walked on the frozen lake in -23 degree!
Have fun in China.

Tony Hii 说...

Oh! What a freezing experience! Send my regards to Rev. Tie.

楊善過癮地帶 说...

冬天穿寒衣是爱护自己,冬天去冬泳是挑战自我的精神。如履薄冰的感觉如何? 七年前我也在北京体会过。但在社会上,如履薄冰天天都在体验。