Big Christmas Tree

Although Sibu Town Square set up 12 Christmas Trees around 12-15 ft,
you can see a lot of Hugh Christmas Trees at China here and there.
The following Christmas tree almost reach the 3rd floor is taken at Tianjing狗不理restaurant.

Another more than 40-50 ft tall Christmas tree set up at the Haidin district of Beijing Christian Church.

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sarawakiana 说...

How nice to see Beijing having Christmas !

The Sibu 说...




天鵝江畔 说...

There are so many Big Christmas trees around the corners of china, even in Shanghai Pudong International airport.
The Sibu, Yes i will stay one nite at KLIA concorde Inn. I m happy to help you to bring the barang for you, why not? Merry Christmas!

藍色小屋掌門人 说...


天鵝江畔 说...

sorry i m still at Chengdu this moment,Merry Christmas!Very cold Christmas!

The Sibu 说...