hawthorn lollipop介紹一個有關詩巫及詩巫往事如煙的許多故事,在毓英學校的畢業名單中竟然看到在下媽媽及親家母的名單(1938年),這是很值得推薦的博客:Sarawakiana
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30cents for a bowl of Foochow Fried Noodle Soup(三毛錢的乾麵)

Sibu's Wharf Labourers(詩巫碼頭工友)

The Sarawak Hotel(砂羅越大酒店)

Foochow Gift Giving in the 50's and 60's

Goitre amongst Foochow Women

Foochow Confinement or "chuor nguok tieh"(坐月里)

Sweetened Condensed Milk and Foochow Egg Nog

A Foochow Wedding(福州人婚禮)

History of Yuk Ing Girls' School, Sibu(毓英女校)

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young boy 说...






sarawakiana 说...

Thank you for introducing me.

My writing is mainly from my memories as I find referencing rather difficult in Miri. Any way, very few books have been written in English too about the history of Sibu.

If I have made any mistakes please help me to edit too. I would be very grateful.

One of my objectives for writing is to put a lot of our own oral history in the right perspective before everything is obliviated by modern technology and history.

Remembering things of the past is mentally healthy too.


天鵝江畔 说...

Hi, Young Boy,
Glad to see there are more blogs concerning Sibu's yesterday today and future.Hope u can share your story as well.
I did wrote to you the other day but my mail was delivery failure,
hope u don't mind i post your blog.
You mentioned about the Hi, Chang Yi,
You can check my blog about the pic of the motor launch, that i posted before :
Hi, Chanyi,
your blog is great, i m thinking may be i ask some body to translate and can publish in future? May be you can translate it to chinese? Or we can publish in bi-lingual version?
God Bless You

sarawakiana 说...

I am very encouraged to publish with you the bi lingual version. In this way we can share with more people.
I know Mr. Wee Koh Poh of Sibu is a very skilled translator .

We should have many Second World War stories to write too.

God bless and thank you again.


sarawakiana 说...

my email now is yisawan@gmail.com

the streamyx account has been down for sometime.