Convo Trip(阿振毕业之旅)

I arranged a trip for Ah Jenn so called the convo trip to Weston Wetland eco-tour.
Weston Wetlands located 100 km south of Kota Kinabalu, the town called Beaufort. The half day tour included a river cruise to spot the Proboscis monekys, with long-tailed or silver etc.
The tour guide Mr George Wong introduced characters of the monkeys, 1 male monkey always hv a 20 wife-monkeys.
It is hardly to shoot via my Fujifilm 300mm len to get the clear image, the moneky has a long white tail and a big nose(the doll).

After more than 1 hr cruise along the Weston river, to spot the monkey and crawls print of crocodile, we went back to a lodging resort to hv a dinner. i took a few nice sunset scenery with a small fish boat.

After makan we cruise in the dark river, but shortly we were amazed by the flickering lights of fireflies like lighted Christmas trees......Wonderful!Amazing!Fantastic!
I tried a few snaps but failed, my digital camera screen remain dark......i realised some beautiful scenery you can enjoy by eyes SAHAJA but no pictures lah!

The sunset at Weston River and the kampung along the bank, the malays stayed there more than 50 years, they were migrated from Brunei.

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Bro Meng Lei, you are the best tourist guide. If I go Sabah, I will need you.

Dr Heart

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Dr Heart,
i join a tour lah, but there are a lot of places to go n see at Sabah!石春園is a good place as well!
But i think 人

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